1. Don’t leave anyone behind!
        Party with as many people as you can.
  2. Don’t idle in town for more than a half hour.
        Find something to do, find people to talk to, or role play.
  3. Have fun as long as it doesn’t spoil anyone elses fun.
  4. Role Play!
        There will be more rewareds for those that do.
  5. Leave a review on Facebook and on RMS.
  6. Create a vending account. You can use @at to trade offline and keep your store up.
  1. Spam or flood chat. You may be excited but keep it to 1-3 lines.
  2. Market other servers or services.
  3. Harass/insult people.
  4. Talk about politics, conspiracies, or religion, unless you’re having a private conversation. (If you have to, talk to me.)
  5. Mod or Bot your client. Talk to Discount Ninja if you want to add/take a feature. (I may want to make a global feature.)
  6. Obstruct or stand on top of NPC’s or venders.
  7. Spam skills in town. Spamming skills is 2-5+ in rapid sucession.
  8. Exploit bugs. Please reporty any you see.
  9. Bother staff for free stuff.
  10. Give away your account name, password or other persional information.
  11. Kill steal.
  12. Scam people.
  13. Grief/Troll.
  14. Gossip.
  15. Trade for real money.
  1. Use English.
  2. Report Players (Screenshots please).
  3. Report GM’s(Reward may be available).
  4. Report bugs/exploits (A bounty may available).
  5. Give suggestions on how we can improve.
  6. Help people level/power level (If they want).
  7. Treat people/GM’s with respect.
  8. Share loot/exp when you can.
  1. No marketing. This means other servers, products, SPAM.
  2. No SPAM.
  3. Please use proper English in the forums.
  4. No foul language or abusive words on the forums.
  5. Personal attacks will not be permitted on anyone in the community.
  6. Don’t bump your posts, if you need attention PM a GM. (Facebook, Forums, voice chat, or create a ticket in the Control Panel.)
  7. Please use the search function before you search.
  8. Please title threads accurately. This helps us organize our forums better.
  9. Avoid discussions about politics, conspiracies, and religion. If you really need to, talk to Discount Ninja.
  10. Please be patient for your question to be answered by the community.
  11. If we’re missing a topic, recommend it. If you want to help us out, post in the appropriate forms.

Guidelines (Optional):

Wololo: If a moderator invokes this, you must change sides in the argument. (Example: Wololo @Discount Ninja)

Meow: If a moderator invokes this, you must use the word meow as much as possible in your posts. (Example: Meow @Discount Ninja

That’s what she said: If a person invokes this, you must respond with; “Twice while screeming my name!”

I’m very strict on GM rules. I expect the staff to be courteous, respectful, helpful, knowledgeable and honest.

All staff start out as a support GM.

These people should help you with any in game/client problems. Help with mechanic questions, how to use skills, where to level, how to build etc.

Support GM’s can then move into a specific role:

  • Forum Moderator – Moderate the forums.
  • Event Manager – Help out with events and role play.
  • Enforcer – Moderate the in game community.
  • Developer – Help add new features to the server. There are many types and they will have access to the staging server. (Mirror server for testing.)

The actual Rules:

  1. Be respectful of all players.
  2. Don’t ever start fights, but finish them.
  3. Be open, let players know what’s going on.
  4. Don’t Gossip.
  5. Be 99.9% honest. (Very few exceptions we can tolerate)
  6. Report issues to the proper channels.
  7. Help out with marketing.
  8. Don’t show off.
  9. Keep your pride in check, try to stay humble about your position.
  10. Remember you’re here to serve the players.
  11. Don’t spawn monsters out side of an event. Few exceptions.
  12. Never Party with players on your GM account.
  13. The only rewards you can give out are Donation coins.
  14. Be teachable, rank doesn’t make the man. Some players will know a lot more than you.
  15. Keep drama to a minimum.
  16. Try to make this a chill, relaxed, and fun server. Something for people to de-stress

I’ll obviously enfoce some rules more harshly than others. Please report GM and admins breaking these rules. Including myself.

War of Emperium Rules:

  • Guilds must declare war before they can engage in WoE.
  • You must declare ware 24 hours in the forums before you attack.
  • During your declaration, state how long, and your war demands. (Length can be indefinitely. War demands can be a specific castle, loot, humiliation. (Mostly for Role play).
  • Failure to do so will result in a loss of your castles. (You’re welcome to try to fend off GM’s. PS – You’re going to have a bad time.)
  • Any Castles GM’s hold cannot be taken unless given strict permission to do so.

Optional (Recommended):

  • Hold a war council.
  • Gather your guild leaders and set up demands, tell the troops.
  • Send a messenger to the enemy with your war demands after you’ve posted on the Forums.
  • Establish a meeting time with the enemy for a last ditch diplomacy.
  • This is just for roleplay and fun. You can make it a stand off, an ambush a high stakes duel. GM’s can help enforce duels if requested. If you want to have a big fight pre-WoE, ask an Event GM or higher to turn pvp on for the event.
  • Hold a rally!
  • Meet with your whole guild and have the leaders give an inspiring speech. Then do what ever your guild does preceeding war, party, host an in guild tournament etc..

We have fun here! =P