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Server Info

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5x Base (Don’t let the low rates scare you, there are ways to grind quickly)

12x Job (See Game Play section below to see why this is much higher)

10x Item drop

10x Normal Card drop

1x MvP Card Drop

10x Bonus MvP Exp

Quality of Life Changes

Many Custom Shops, items

75 level share range

No experience loss with additional party members

Custom Mobs, Custom Dungeons, Additional Leveling Spots

Warper requires Blue Gemstone (Or Tickets)

Additional Warper for dungeon unlocks

Slight increased HP/SP Tic rates

Job Changer (Costs Zeny to skip job quest, becomes more expensive the higher tier)

We attempt to change the skills so they’re more useful and balanced at any level


Pre-Renewal Skills and Combat Mechanics

Mob spawns are Pre-Renewal

The server will feel like pre-renewal with the additional renwal content added on top, how it should have been

We take the best part of both where possible

Episode TBA

Epic Game Play

No Rebirth Mechanic, you go strait from second job to third transcendent (This is why there is 12x job experience)

With no skill delays and faster cast times, the combat is much more fast-paced

To compensate for no skill delay HP has been increased 5x and SP 2.5x

First Aid heals 6.25% With a small 1s cast (Making it actually useful)

Heal & Faith has been adjusted

Racial items with buffs upon character start

Novice HP/SP can actually grow now at a minor rate

Stone Toss deals 50 damage + Base level making it a useful

All ground skills can stack

MvP Maps are full PvP maps

Player @ Commands

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