Custom Settings!

Battle Settings

Strength effects all types, Mobs, Players, Pets etc…
Default: Homunculus and Players
We need to up the difficulty or mobs would be too easy.

All types can use a critical attack.
Default: Players only
Just to increase difficulty.

Undead Attribute is based on element or race.
Default: Element only
Just for fun.

Players/Monsters can recover health if you use the same element attack.
Just to make things more interesting.

Upped the minimum hit rate from 5% to 8%.
Attempting to make mobs more difficult.

Ghostring now affects all attacks/types, including mobs.
Making Ghostring more useful for nostalgia.

Skills that break your own equipment have been reduced by 50%.
A lot of useful skills do this; I’d like to see more of them.

Skills that break equipment have been reduced by 50%.
It’s annoying, with testing this is a slight change.

Arrows will be consumed and guess how many should be used on every skill.
Otherwise, some skills are free.


Falcon and Wargs can now be used at the same time.
I mean, why not?

Client Settings


27 Hair styles
I’d like to add more if I can find good sets.


Hair colors have been changed to 251.


Cloth colors have been changed from 4 to 553


Server will not report WoE damage to client.
Less cheating.


Viewable area has been increased from 14 to 18.
More information that needs to be sent in packets but the view is worth it.


Maximum walk distance increased from 17 to 24 cells.
17 is way too short.


Display Version on login has been disabled.
You can still see this via NPC’s.


The visual effect of hallucination has been disabled.
I have never seen this work properly, it causes the client to frame drop.


Server should remember the direction you were last in when you log back in.
Why isn’t this on by default?

Drop Settings


Doubled the floor item drop time from 1 minute to 2 minutes.
Easier farming!

When you kill a monster, the time someone else can pick up an item has been increased from 3 seconds to 4 seconds. The second person who did the most damage can pick up an item after 4 seconds. A third person can pick up the item after 1 second.


Item Drop rates for all items have been increased by 10x


Luck doesn’t affect drops.
This one’s up for debate. It would be interesting to increase the chances and give advantages to people with the luck stat.


Finding ore rate has been doubled.
It’s an underused skill.


All alchemist monsters now drop items.
Makes things a lot easier.

Experience Settings


Experience rate is 5x.
It is a little low, but I’ve made a lot of leveling spots.


Job Experience has been increased by 12x.
With a low rates, having a job level at a higher rate keeps things interesting. It’s balanced, as there is no rebirth needed.


Exp is now calculated on the damage done, not on last hit; this means Emperium breaking will be given to the person who does the most damage.


MVP’s give 10x normal experience.
This gives MvP some use for something other than loot. Making them valuable to hunt!


Quest experience has been increased to 1200%
Let’s be honest. No one like Ragnarok Quests that much.


Players now gain minor experience by healing.
This is mostly used to gauge how much HP they have by looking at your exp gains. That and help our support bros out.


Resurrection should now give you some experience.
It’s like Karma, only exp.


Overcharge and Discount will give good experience.
Merchants are often the hardest class to level. This helps a lot!


Death penalty has been increased to 5% exp job.
Trying to discourage suicide runs and give death more of a consequence. Stay safe!

Guild Settings

Guild can now tax up to 99%.
50% is just dumb. If you’re max level, why not?

Guilds can now only take over 10 castles max.
Not sure if there should be a limit? I’m open if you have ideas on this.

Defending Guild monsters now take 50%.
That’s still a minor change.


Guild damage adjustments:
Melee increased to 100% from 80%.
Long range attacks haven’t changed at 80%.
Weapon skill damage increased to 100% from 60%
Magic attack increased to 100% from 60%.
Misc damage increased to 80% from 60%.
Guild flee remains at 20% penalty.
Overall damage has been increased. Trust me when I say this is needed. I may increase it further. If you think these need further adjustments, let me know.


Max alliances remain at 3.
I’m open to change this, but I don’t want WoE to become inactive once a large alliance forms.


Homunculus becomes friendly 4 times faster

You can rename your Homunculus



Maximum an item can sell for now 1 Billion.


Vending Tax has been removed until the server’s economy grows.


The weapon production success rate has been doubled.


The item production success rate has been doubled(potions and such)


The only produced items that will have your name are weapons.


Contraband items will be deleted on map change. (rare)


Item use delay has been increased from 100 to 120ms


Autospells skills on items now stack.


Restricted/contraband items cannot be consumed.

Misc settings

The GM mute (red bubble) will now prevent: Chatting/whispers, skill usage, commands, item usage/pickup/drop, chat room creation

Day set to 720000ms

Night Duration: 480000ms

Dueling is now allowed on the following maps: pvp | gvg

Teleporting during a duel is allowed, however this forces you to exit the duel.

Duel time restriction is now removed.

You should now receive a message when you have mail.



Monster HP has been decreased by 20%


MvP Monster HP rate remains normal.
Though this may change


Monster AI has been changed to be more susceptible to provoke and go to a player’s last known location when they leave the site range.


All monsters will remain active for 30 seconds after a player has left the map.


Monsters will not eat and consume items but pick them up.


Plant Spawn delays have been reduced by 50%.>
Making life easier for Alchemists.


Monsters will try to not spawn in the vision of the player.


Slaves – Monsters spawned from other monsters will not inherit any passive or aggressive traits from their master.


Slaves will not inherit any speed from their master.
This is more interesting when unique mobs act as they normally do.


Monsters will not always go after the master.
This allows you to have your homunculus fight and tank for you.


Mobs that can become aggressive to casters (sense cast) will now become aggressive with any skill cast on them.


Monsters that change their class will not recover any HP for doing so.


Mobs will only show a percentage of their health with text, not HP.


Mobs that have taken any damage will be removed after 15 minutes with no player on the map.


Mobs that have events, like Emperium, will be triggered by the person that does the most damage, not the person who gets the last hit. So when taking down a castle, it goes to the people who did the most damage.
This prevents things like kill stealing naturally as experience is given has an HP ratio. It also prevents WoE Emperium sniping.


Mobs that are larger will give double the exp and have double the stats.


MvP tomb will appear 30 seconds after death.


Mobs should now attack Ice Walls to break out of them.


MvP’s will now have a very low chance to attempt to break ice walls before they teleport away.


There are other features that I’m open to talking about with the monsters. Monster leveing is one that may be OK to enable on this server. However, this makes MvP’s extreemly strong. If anyone dies the MvP will have full health again, a party wipe could make a very strong monster. But the mobs become more valuable in terms of Experience that they give. What are your thoughts?


The chat should now show if someone has stolen a valuable item.

On official servers, the HP updates anytime someone is hit, here that’s been changed to update everytime the map does.
This will reduce latency issues when mobs do frequent damage

Items shared via round robin will go in order instead of being random.

You will not loose any experience rates when you party, instead for each additional member in your party in share range, you will gain 10% more experience.


Pet catch rates have been increased 10 times.

You can now rename your pet as many times as you want.

Pet friendly rate has been increased by 20 times.

Pet hunger rate has been decreased by half.
This allows you to feed less frequently but they become friendly at a much faster rate.

Pets now loose friendly rate at 20% of their normal rate.
If Life happens and you have to step away, it’s harder for them to run away

Friendly pets will sometimes join in the fight.

Friendly pets will be quick to fight if you start taking damage.

Pets can now use skills.

You will now receive experience when your pet does damage.

Pet experience you receive is halved.

Maximum damage pets can do have been increased by 10 times.
This does not mean they do more damage, this just allows their strength to increase their normal attack damage



Player HP has been increased by 5 times.
More Epic battles


Player SP has been increased by 3.5 times.


Natural HP and SP will be zero when respawning.
Adds more risk on the field.


Players can now level up multiple times per kill.


You can now ignore your basic skills.
Why not? Don’t spend points into the basic skill, it’s just a waste and you can’t get them back.


Natural HP recover rate increased to 5 seconds from 6 seconds.


Natural SP recover rate increased to 6.5 seconds from 8 seconds.


50% over weight penalty will only apply when you get to 80% of your weight.


Maximum attack speed increased to 193 from 190


Maximum attack speed for third job classes increased to 196 from 193.


Maximum walking speed increased to 400% from 300% normal.


Maximum possible HP increased to 100,000,000 from 1,000,000.


Maximum possible SP increased to 100,000,000 from 1,000,000.


The maximum points you can apply to any stat is 150 from 99.


Maximum points you can apply from trans classes increased to 150 from 99.


Third job max stats increased to 150 from 130.


Third trans class stats increased to 175 from 130.


Max baby stats increased to 130 from 80.


Max third baby class increased to 150 from 117.


Maximum extended classes increased to 170 from 125.


Transcendent status points are currently normal at 52.


Player armor over def bonus increased to 20 from 0.
This means when you have over 99% armor reduction, you get +20 soft defense bonuses.


Maximum cart weight increased to 16000 from 8000.


Log out prevention decreased from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.


You can now see how much HP/SP drain you’re getting.


Character mounts and baby modifiers now matter.
Players are normally medium sizes. Now babies are considered small, players on mounts are large, babies on mounts are medium.


Idle players that sit for over a minute will stop receiving items from the party.


VIP accounts no longer get gemstone casting for free.
I may change this back.



Casting rate of all spells have been reduced by 10%


No delay after using most skills.


Agility will now reduce the after cast delay and the animation.


Minimum delay limit decreased to 50ms from 100ms.


Everything: mobs, players, pets have reduced delay on skills.


200 Dex is now considered Instant cast.


Default walk delay decreased to 50ms from 300ms after using a skill.


Skills will now hit when you extend out of range by 6 squares.


The skill will now consume SP when it fails because the target is out of range.


Weapons now overwrite the skill range.
You can use bash at range with a bow (rogue). Fun times!


Skills will now clear on death for all types except players.


Skills will now clear when you leave the map, except for players.


Only players can stack ground skills.


Guild traps can now be set off by anything.


Players can now damage flora outside verses grounds.


Skills are no longer bound by walls.
This means you can use storm gust through walls.


Monsters will no longer uncloak when attacking, they will remain cloaked.


Land skill restrictions now apply to everything.


Sense skill now shows all information.


Finger offensive now does multiple consecutive attacks, not a multi-hit attack.


Grand Cross damage will no longer reduce damage on enemies that stack.


Devotion level range is kept with the share range, 75 levels.


Devoted players can now be saved by reflection damage at 25% chance.


Reflect Damage now activates from physical skills not just physical attacks.


Traps now will return all items used to deploy it.


Maximum steal attempts is now 10.


Maximum heal level has been increased. This means MvP’s will now heal at a rate their Int allows, rather than a fixed rate. This sometimes ends up higher than normal.


Guild emergency call can now be used it anywhere, anytime.


Guild aura now effects everyone all of the time, including the guild leader.
Yes, this will give Guild leaders an advantage.


Star Gladiator skills can now be used without the proper day.


Star Gladiator miracle rate has increased by 100 times.


Star Gladiator angel rate has increased by 100 times.


Items that increase healing ability will now increase all healing skills.


Traps now stop you right away. They don’t let you finish your path.


Bowling Bash now has an AoE of 3×3 around the caster.


Taekwon mission mobs will give you a general target. IE if Goblins are your target, any goblin will do.


Anything can now attack Ice walls.


Dispell now works on songs.
Evil evil clowns….



Everyone can now be disabled from using a skill.


Most debuffs will go away when you log out.


Monsters now need 20% more vit/int to be immune to status effects.
This allows mobs to be disabled easier


Players now need 175 vit/int to be immune to status effects.


The maximum resistance monsters can have for status effects is now 90% immunity.

Thanks for reading!

Phew! This isn’t everything but most of the server’s custom changes. I’ve tried to make life easier while adding a bit of a challenge. Comments/ideas are welcome!